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Latam Airlines

Learn about the history of LATAM and discover how we have positioned ourselves as the leading airline in Latin America thanks to our work and recognitions. You can also read about our commitment to sustainable development and the types of airplanes available and their features. You’ll also find the Contact Center telephone numbers and the location of LATAM Travel offices in each country.

Our Fleet

We have modern Boeing and Airbus aircraft to provide you with the best onboard experience. With state of the art design and technology, our aircraft make your trip safer, more comfortable and efficient. 

Airport Experience

Learn more about our VIP lounges and their services, such as relaxation areas and co-working spaces. Also, learn how to label and dispatch your baggage by yourself. Additionally, find the details of our boarding by groups and some recommendations in case you have connections on domestic and international flights. 

Customer service plan

he following shall consist of the customer service plan for LATAM Airlines Group S.A. d/b/a LATAM Airlines Group (“LATAM Airlines”), TAM Linhas Aereas, S.A. d/b/a LATAM Airlines Brasil (“TAM”), LATAM Airlines Peru S.A., LATAM Airlines Ecuador S.A., and Aerovias de Integracion Regional S.A. d/b/a LATAM Airlines Colombia (for purposes of the customer service plan, the foregoing airlines shall be collectively hereafter known as “LATAM”).


At LATAM, our customers are our priority. We therefore developed a Customer Service Plan that serves to reflect our commitment and provide each and every Customer with the highest level of service, while ensuring their trip is a pleasant experience, from the reservation process until the time we deliver their luggage. The following customer service plan applies to all flights operated by LATAM to, from or within the United States.



1. Lowest Fares Available


LATAM always offers the lowest published fares available. You can find these fares at, through the Contact Center or at LATAM's Sales Offices at airports (a service fee applies). Fares are subject to the specific terms and conditions, as well as the availability of dates, flights and services requested.



2. Notifying Passengers of Delays, Cancellations and Diversions


We provide our passengers, at the airport or onboard, updated information regarding delays, cancellations or the rerouting of its flights. This information is delivered either by agents at the airport or by the flight crew. They will make sure that you receive the most accurate information available regarding the length of the delay and, if possible, the estimated time of departure.


It is LATAM’s policy to promptly inform its passengers and to the public each time there is, a cancellation, a delay of 30 minutes or more in the planned operation of a flight, an early departure of 15 or more minutes, or a diversion within 30 minutes of LATAM becoming aware of such irregularity. These notifications are provided at the boarding gate area for the flights at any US airport, in our website, and via our contact center upon inquiry and by email or text to the phone number and/or email address provided by you at the time of the reservation. If none of these contacts is successful, one of our agents at the Contact Center will attempt to contact you directly. If you make a reservation through a Travel Agency we recommend that you include your direct contact information, otherwise LATAM will contact the agency who will in turn contact you.
In addition, LATAM provides updated automated information for passengers who wish to check the status of their flights at, Mobile or by dialing 1(888) 918-5556, select option 1.



3. Services Provided to Mitigate Passenger Inconveniences resulting from Cancellations and Misconnections


If a flight is canceled or there is a delay we will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate passengers on the next available flight, if seats are available. If we are unable to take you to your final destination on the expected date and the delay or cancellation is the result of circumstances under LATAM’s control, we will offer you reasonable hotel accommodation, subject to availability, and a meal. If, on the other hand, the circumstances that resulted in the delay are due to force majeure (for example, bad weather conditions) we will attempt to place you on the next connecting flight with available seats, in the same class of service purchased, in which case you will be responsible for the overnight accommodations, meals and related incidental expenses. If available, our personnel may be able to help you obtain overnight accommodations.


On certain occasions it is necessary for flights to be diverted or to land at a non-scheduled location. If possible, and if available, we will provide this information before the departure of the flight. If it becomes necessary to divert the flight after its departure, the information will be provided by the flight crew.



4. Delivery of Your Baggage


At LATAM, your flight experience begins from the moment you make your reservation and continues until the moment when your baggage is delivered or you reach a connecting flight. Therefore, our intention is to deliver your baggage on time. If this is not possible, we will make every reasonable effort to deliver your missing baggage within 24 hours following the arrival of your flight. LATAM will compensate passengers for reasonable expenses as a result of any delays in the delivery of baggage as required by applicable international agreements. Furthermore, LATAM shall reimburse passengers for any fees charged to transport baggage if such baggage is consider lost.


If your baggage is missing


  • If you left an article onboard the aircraft, please contact our nearest Baggage Claim office.
  • If your baggage did not arrive at the baggage claim area at the airport, please contact LATAM personnel at the destination airport with your passport, ticket and baggage receipt.
  • If your baggage is still missing after you filed your claim, you may track your baggage online by entering your claim number and your name.
  • If the information is not available please check back later or contact the airport closest to you.
  • In addition, for further assistance you may email




5. Allow Reservations to be Held or Canceled for a certain Period of Time


LATAM will allow reservations purchased to be canceled without charges, for at least 24 hours after the reservation is made if the reservation is made one week or more prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.



6. Ticket Refunds


Once you have submitted all the required information for a ticket refund, LATAM will make every effort to process the corresponding refund in the least possible time and to the method of payment; eligible tickets as required by 14 CFR 374.3 and 12 CFR Part 226 for credit card purchases: within 7 business days after receiving the refund request and within 20 days after receiving a refund request for cash and check purchases, including refunding fees charged to a passenger for optional services that the passenger was unable to use due to oversold flight,  flight significant delay or cancellation and you decide not to fly (including non-refundable tickets), 24 hours purchase cancellations for tickets bought at least 7 days before the scheduled departure flight. It is important to mention that some tickets are non-refundable so we recommend that you review the terms and conditions associated with the ticket fare purchased. Exceptions may apply to non-refundable tickets during the COVID-19 outbreak as a result of government travel restrictions.



Refund requests in case of duplicate tickets or death of the passenger must be submitted through the Contact Center.


*Refund processing times are currently being affected by excessive delays due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.



7. Passengers Requiring Special Services


Every one of our passengers is important, including those with disabilities, medical conditions or other special needs for which we provide an array of services, including:



  • Wheelchairs 
  • Assistance moving through the airport in wheelchairs, and to board and deplane: service starts from Check-in to the end of the journey inside the airport facilities
  • Assistance with the loading and stowing of assistive devices
  • Orientation for visual or hearing impairments
  • Medical oxygen - POC (provided by passenger)
  • Transportation of Service animals (subject to local sanitary requirements)
  • Review of Medical Certificate if required for travel  
  • Special Meals
  • Seating accommodations (e.g., additional seat, seat with more leg room, passengers with service animals) 


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